Affiliate Program

Calling all Influencers and Style Bloggers!! 
We have been receiving E-mails and messages about promoting our products, so we are now making this Affiliate Program available to you! 
We have made our jewelry available to everyone worldwide, and we are constantly looking to expand the Cosafina Fam.
Promote your favorite pieces and EARN 15% of the orders you refer to our website. 
Share your custom discount code with family, friends, and social media followers.
What’s the best way you can start earning???
Here are some recommendations:
  1. Paste Your discount code in your Blog/ Instagram Bio.
  2. Share your code with family &friends on Facebook. 
  3. Snapchat /Twitter - (You can even repost our photos)! 
  4. Create a Cosafina Jewelry Haul/ Unboxing/ Review Video on Youtube. Let your viewers know what you think of our pieces, and you can include your code. 
Email us to get started!